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Rental services / CFAO Equipment

Discover the benefits of renting with CFAO Equipment

Manage your budget and outsource your day-to-day management needs

Manage your car fleet budget

The rental price is set upfront and remains unchanged throughout the term of your long-term rental contract allowing you to clearly plan out your expenses.

The benefit of this service is that it allows you to calculate and optimize your total cost of ownership. With none of the hidden costs that sometimes arise when managing your own car fleet, CFAO Equipment allows you to calculate and optimize the cost per kilometer of each vehicle according to its usage.

Outsource your day-to-day management needs and risks

CFAO Equipment maintains your cars and covers the main risks relating to vehicles and their usage, such as wear and tear, maintenance costs and resale at the end of the contract.

Entrusting your vehicle management to Loxea will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your own business activities!

Financial benefits of long-term rentals

Financial benefits that matter

Optimize your accounting position by deducting your vehicle expenses from operating costs rather than adding to investment costs. This allows you to focus on investments more heavily in production tools for your core business.

Long-term rentals have no impact on the structure of your balance sheet or on your company’s financial capacity.

  • Cash optimization
  • No need to tie up your company's capital
  • No initial contribution enabling capital levels to be maintained;
  • Rentals are not recognized in off-balance sheet commitments (unlike finance leases) and therefore have no impact on the company's debt capacity → borrowing capacity increases providing opportunities for profitable investments
  • Rentals are deductible from taxable income within the limit of the capital cost ceiling

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