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Otis, the world's leading manufacturer of elevators since 1853

Elisha Graves Otis, founder of the company in the US, invented the first “safety hoist”, preventing service elevators from falling in the event of snapped cables. In 1853, his invention gave rise to the skyscraper, modern architecture, the modern city and the elevator industry!

Otis is present in over 200 countries and is the world's leading people mover on the planet, transporting one billion passengers each day.


Based in 20 West African countries, the Otis-CFAO partnership offers a winning combination of brand recognition and product quality from Otis and long-standing expertise in elevators, installation and maintenance as well as cutting edge technology from the CFAO Group.

Our joint success is rooted in a perfect understanding of the specific characteristics of each market and in our bespoke approach. CFAO teams' extensive expertise is drawn from regular training sessions in the countries in which CFAO is based or from Otis centers of excellence. Otis has set up a special unit for its partnership with CFAO and two area managers overseeing operations in 20 countries.

The partnership has been very successful, winning contracts to install and renovate equipment in the Ivoire hotel in Abidjan and taking orders for 22 elevators at the Président Oyala hotel in Equatorial Guinea. The strength and stability of this partnership will pave the way for further success for the Otis/CFAO partnership going forward.


Galvanised steel flat belt technology has reinvented the elevator. Gen2 technology equips new or upgraded elevators and offers industry-beating comfort.

In a bid to become more eco-friendly, compact Otis elevators are equipped with gearless machines and therefore consume less energy. ReGen technology delivers energy savings of up to 75% by recovering the energy generated by the elevator and returning it to the building's electrical grid.

Otis elevators and escalators have been used in a host of famous buildings including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Empire State Building in New York, the CN Tower in Toronto and the World Financial Center in Shanghai. The latest building to be fitted with Otis elevators and escalators is Dubai's 160-floor Burj Khalifa tower, the highest skyscraper in the world at 828 meters. 

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